Nemesis News and May Product Launch 2019

By now you should've received your copy of the latest Nemesis News! Packed full of new releases and best-selling products, ready for you to purchase at our Showroom Open Days from 13th - 15th May. Take a look below for information on our new releases!

Posted by Lydia Sykes on 09/05/2019


This launch brings a whole new range of merchandise to our Game of Thrones collection. Including a beautifully sculpted Goblet and six individually designed fridge magnets. Give yourself the finest home in the realm! 


A symbol of purity and grace, Unicorns have recently grown in popularity and have been a staple in fantasy collections from the beginning of time! Pre-order our new snowglobe and enchant your life today!

Cracked and weathered, this white skull Goblet and Tankard has writhing bright red tentacles erupting from it, curling out of eye sockets and punching holes through the cranium. Pre-order today!

Sent back in time these brand new Terminator products have shed all human flesh, exposed hydraulics overlaid on a metallic skeletal structure, mocking humanity. Perfect for bringing a little android menace into your life!

Maximise your Chi with our encapsulating range of silver Wind Charms. Symphonic in sound and sophisticated in design, they are the perfect way to bring balance and Feng Shui into anyone’s home. Find inner peace today!

Filled with white sand, this timer is a macabre lovers dream! Topped with a Skeletal Grim Reaper peering over the side of the glass timer, while holding a scythe in his hand. Cast in high-quality resin, it is perfect for anyone whose time is running out.

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