'Born to Lose, Live to Win': Motorhead

Pay homage to Rock and Roll Legends, Motorhead, with our collection of Tankards and Shot Glasses.

Posted by Lydia Sykes on 19/09/2018

Contrary to popular myth, Motorhead did not rise from the ashes of their enemies, clad in leather, studs and cowboy boots. Meant only to play the hardest and fastest metal, that made even the devil run back to his cage. No.

After Lemmy was dismissed from Hawkwind in Spring 1975, his thirst for music only grew stronger.

Wanting to form a new band, Lemmy drafted in Pink Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis and Drummer Lucas Fox to complete the line-up. Originally called ‘Bastard’ but later settling upon a new name, Motorhead was born, but not as the band that we know today. They hit constant hurdles when making their debut album. Motorhead and the producer, Dave Edmunds, clashed over the recording process, they lost Fox and Wallis and the label rejected their material, but out of this misfortune rose the band that changed Rock and Roll forever.

The lineup of Lemmy, Philip ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor and ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke was born and so was Motorhead. Although it wasn’t plain sailing at the beginning, by 1978 they were signed to Bronze Records who released their ‘Overkill’ album in 1979. The album peaked at number 24, while its title track became the band's first Top 40 hit.

This was the beginning of a career that survived tension, line-up changes, injunctions, hits, misses, trying to break America and ill health. All of these obstacles were taken head on and never broke Motorhead or Lemmy.

They played over 4,000 concerts in front of audiences on almost every continent and due to their onstage longevity, several generations of Rock fans had the chance to experience their music.

Playing live music to the very end, Lemmy’s health continued to decline into late 2015 when he was diagnosed with multiple, aggressive forms of Cancer. He passed away on 28th December 2015 and the news shook fans worldwide. The music community grieved the loss of one of Rock and Roll’s most iconic figures like they would their own family.

After his death the band, quite rightly, called it a day as they could not continue without their much-loved frontman. Although the world has become a much quieter place their legacy lives on and so does their iconic logo, the Warpig or Snaggletooth, which is as synonymous with the band as Lemmy.

It was formulated when Lemmy asked artist Joe Petagno to lend his talents to his newly formulated band, then called ‘Bastard’. Even though Lemmy didn’t know what he wanted from the logo, Petagno took what little direction he was given and the Snaggletooth was born. In an interview with Phil Weller from Metal Hammer he mentioned “When it was finished, I knew I had created something unique and timeless in Snaggletooth. It was the ultimate anti-everything symbol. I look at it this way, there’s is an inherent urge in most individuals to shout and be heard above the din and frenzy of life, and Snaggletooth is a great symbol for standing firm, resisting, rejecting, refusing and rebelling against anything and everything that is detrimental to one’s individuality.”

Motorhead will never die, as the music, logo and memories will live on through their thousands of fans. In an attempt to pay homage to these Rock and Roll Gods, our range of Motorhead Tankards, Shot Glasses and Crystal Clear Pictures feature the Snaggletooth motif, which takes pride of place in the centre of all the merchandise. A symbol of rebellion, individuality and Lemmy’s most famous motto ‘Born to lose, Live to Win’.

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Motorhead Tankards and Shot Glasses

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