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Want to plan your stock for 2019? Why not take a look at our 2018 Best Sellers to help you make a start!

Posted by Lydia Sykes on 09/01/2019

2018 bought Nemesis Now another amazing year! Achieving new licenses, smashing targets, developing our best products yet and maintaining relationships with existing customers while building a rapport with our new ones.

Let’s take this time to take a look back at the 10 best sellers from our various ranges over the past year. You never know, they could end up being your best sellers of 2019!

Game of Thrones

image of the game of thrones sigil tankardFrom our extensive, officially licensed Game of Thrones range there are a few that made it onto our list of Best Sellers! The one that takes first prize is our Sigil Tankard!  Covered in intricate silver filigree patterns, this Tankard features the Sigils and mottos of 5 of the great houses – the dragon of the Targaryen’s, the kraken of the Greyjoy’s, the stag of the Baratheon’s, the dire wolf of the Starks and the lion of the Lannister’s. Above each is a slender heptagram with a red jewel in the centre, representing the light of the Seven – almost as if the arches are cathedral windows. There’s no wonder this product has been so popular!


Images of the Nemesis Now Dragon GuzzlerMaking the most mundane a little bit quirky, our range of Guzzlers features many different animals, mythical beasts and Gothic figures transformed into Wine Bottle Holders. There is no surprise that our most popular Guzzler has been the Dragon. Growing more and more popular through 2018, the Dragon is a fantasy beast that everyone wants to own, mainly thanks to creations such as Game of Thrones and How To Train Your Dragon! Now you can take home your own draconic companion and even better he can keep your wine safe!


Images of the Nemesis Now Three Wise Black CatsCats have been as popular as ever in 2018, with images of cute kittens plastered over social media, humanesque cats perplexing audiences and funny kitty videos being watched all over the world, it’s not hard to understand why our Three Wise Cats have become a best seller in 2018!

Historical & Medieval

Images of the Nemesis Now Sword TankardExpanding hugely over the past year, our Historical and Medieval ranges have been gaining popularity.  Notably due to the success of Historical dramas such as Vikings or Fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, we have an extensive collection of fantasy medieval, Viking and Heraldic merchandise, which has claimed our Sword Tankard as one of its best sellers. Emblazoned with a multitude of swords on a black background, this piece also features a handle that has the appearance of a dragon arching outwards with his wings flat against the Tankard.


Images of the Nemesis Now Soul SkullConsidering our vast range of Skulls, from Steampunk oddities to Gothic beauties, it is hard to believe that our best-selling skull of 2018 is the relatively simplistic Soul Skull.  Featuring the ghostly images of screaming, horrified skulls, this skull is a fantastic way for lovers of the macabre to decorate their home


Images of Nemesis Now's Comfort fairy figurineImages of Nemesis Now's Large Aura FairyEnchanting the minds of everyone, it’s easy to see why any of the fairies in our collection would make the best-sellers list. Their intricate detailing and playful characteristics transcend generations and can be loved by both those who are young and old. Out of all of the pieces in this collection, there are two that stand out as best sellers. Comfort, with her elegant Unicorn companion and large fairy Aura. Both featuring a wintery scene, they have icy wings and feature animal companions.


Images of Nemesis Now's Jewelled Tranquility FigureThe mythical beast that most young children (and even more adults) know and love! The unicorn is the embodiment of all that is fantasy and features heavily throughout our giftware range! Our very own creation, Jewelled Tranquillity, has topped the best sellers, with her pale coat and bejewelled lilac mane. She manages to add an air of magic to any home and makes the perfect gift for those who wish to be enchanted. 


Images of Nemesis Now's Grawlbane Dragon FigureDeep-seated in fantasy mythology, stories of Dragon are ingrained into the folklore of many cultures around the world however have been in Western cultures since the High Medieval Period. With stories of dragons eating the livestock of poor townspeople, to biblical references associating them with Satan. In our modern world Dragons are less of a threat and more of a Fantasy companion. With film and TV making these beasts seen more gentle than ferocious.  Our majestic Icy Dragon, Grawlbane, made into a high spot on the Best Sellers list. Although he looks fierce, he will become your best companion and make a welcome addition to any home!


Images of Nemesis Now's Ghost Wolf FigureGrowing in popularity since the release of Game of Thrones and the live-action release of the Jungle Book, Wolves are the epitome of freedom, loyalty and nature. They possess a raw beauty unlike any other animal and we can see why our Ghost Wolf ranked so highly when looking at 2018’s best sellers. Sitting up on its haunches on the snowy ground, this white wolf stares ahead to the horizon, scanning for danger, ready to protect his pack.

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