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Bespoke and Personalised Product Services

Are you a looking for unique and bespoke products?

Nemesis Now offer a full product development service for giftshops and heritage sites throughout the UK and Europe. Our in-house product design and development team have experience creating gifts for some of the UK’s biggest tourist attractions and museums.

Utilising our highly skilled UK product designers, traditional sculptors, 3D creators and cutting edge 3D modelling and prototyping we work together with our customers to create quality bespoke products for your store, site or museum. With over 15 years’ experience in the giftware industry, skilled artists and sculptors we have the skills and techniques to design and manufacture your product

What type of products can I order?

We have worked on a wide range of printed and poly resin products ranging from printed pens and note books to large figurines, tankards and snowglobes. Whatever your product requirements are we will quote for any job! Simply get in touch below to send us your requirements and a sales representative will be in touch to discuss product specifications, requirements and discuss quotes and manufacturing costs.

Will we get to see the product before production?

Throughout the development of the product you will get the opportunity to review and critique the design, sculpting and finish of the product. Production will not begin until you are happy with the product and a finished pre-production sample can be created for you if required for signing off the product before production begins. Please note, if you require a pre-production sample please inform us at the start of the project as this could incur additional costs and will extend development time.

Can we have our own branding and packaging?

Yes, we can help you create any packaging and labelling that you require and all bespoke products will be exclusive to you. They will not be sold to anyone else unless we have an agreement in place to do so.

How many do we have to order?

Every product has a different minimum order quantity (MOQ) depending on size and complexity of the product this could vary from 500 to 2000. Until we have reviewed the project specifications and requirements we would not be able to give a definite quantity as each product is unique.

How long will it take to create my product?

The time to develop and manufacture bespoke products can vary depending on the products complexity. The process can take from 4 months to 6+ months depending on the manufacturing and development requirements.

Make an enquiry about manufacturing bespoke products

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Bespoke Manufacturing