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360 Bear Hug 22cm Bear Hug 22cm Bear Hug 22cm Bear Hug 22cm
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Bear Hug 22cm

  • SKU: D4832P9
  • Weight: 0.7000kg
  • Material: Polyresin
  • An unlikely friendship.
  • A small fairy sprawls out over her Bear companion while sleeping.
  • Cast in high-quality resin.
  • Cast in high-quality resin.

Available as part of Nemesis Now’s extensive fantasy giftware collection, this beautiful piece would make a welcome addition to any fairy display. A small blonde-haired fairy rests, her small wings raised to the sky. Her eyes are tightly shut as she sleeps soundly on her furry bear protector, the most comfortable resting place. Cast in the finest resin before being hand-painted, this piece would make the perfect gift for anyone wanting to add a little magic into their life.

Designer: Not specified
Category: Fairies
Function: Figurines Medium (15-29cm)
Weight: 0.7000Kg
Primary Colour: Unspecified
Secondary Colour: Unspecified
Material: Polyresin
Packaging: White Box