Ashes of Cobalt 30.7cm

All Alator Dragons


Function:Incense Holders
Weight:0.5042 Kg
Primary Colour:Blue
Secondary Colour:Yellow
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Nemesis Now is pleased to bring you this gothic dragon incense holder, available as part of our high-value Alator alternative giftware collection. A flat, long bed of blue skulls is walled in by blue ribs, topped with 2 undulating yellow spines. At the bottom, two monstrous yellow skeletal hands interlock, topping a wall of blue bones. At the head, a fierce blue dragon’s head roars, eyes flashing red, fearsome horns tipped with yellow. In the mouth there is a space to hold an incense stick. Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, why not pair with your favourite incense scent?

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