Aracnafaria Umbrella (AS)

All Artist Fairy Figurines


Weight:0.3167 Kg
Primary Colour:Unspecified
Secondary Colour:Unspecified
Material:plastic, metal, 190T pongee
Packaging:Poly Bag
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Stay dry and look good with this range of Gothic Fantasy umbrellas, exclusively for Nemesis Now from the world-famous Anne Stokes. This umbrella bears a picture of a Fairy in a long black dress, slit up to the thigh, with her black and red wings bearing a pattern reminiscent of a spider’s web. A moonlit night sky can be seen through a stone window, with a large black widow spider climbing up one side. Extending to 55 cm in length, with a spacious span of almost a metre, this umbrella compacts down to a mere 5cm across and 24cm long for easy carrying and storage. A great gift for those who appreciate the darker things in life, or for arachnophiles

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